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The term Electronic Signature, or E-Signature, is a high-level concept meaning any electronic indication of intent to agree to a record. This can include such common practices as clicking a “checkout” button or exchanging emails indicating agreement. The beauty of RightSignature is that it replicates the comfort and familiarity of the pen-and-paper signing experience in a browser-based electronic signature application. RightSignature’s e-signature solution provides ironclad security, robust legal defensibility, faster time-to-signature, and an elegant user experience, all while producing executed documents complete with handwritten signatures.


"In an era when instantaneous communication is the standard, waiting for written contracts to make their way back and forth between parties can seem agonizingly slow and expensive. Increasingly, businesses have been adopting legally binding electronic signatures to streamline the process. RightSignature estimates it can take the cost of processing a signed document from as much as $40 to $1.50."

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The earliest example of electronic contracts were messages indicating agreement sent by telegraph, using morse code, during the mid-1800’s. More recently, faxing and emailing scanned signature pages has been the standard for the last two decades.

The passage of the UETA Act and the European Directive in 1999, the U.S. ESign Act in 2000, and other e-signature laws established the validity and legality of electronic signatures around the world. After this legislation, early e-signature technologies emerged, but complex software and server installations resulted in little adoption. A few years later, online e-signature services, featuring click signatures and adopt-a-font signing methods, began to gain traction in document-intensive industries such as real estate.

Today, RightSignature’s electronic signature technology provides both small businesses and the world’s leading corporations the most advanced solution for getting documents filled out and signed. It combines best practices in authentication, security, and reliability with exclusive technology to walk signers through filling out form fields and creating a biometric, handwritten signature in the browser. And RightSignature continues to innovate as mobile devices become powerful business tools, offering electronic signatures on the iPad and iPhone.


As faxing becomes obsolete and e-signatures become the most common way to execute documents, RightSignature offers the easiest, most intuitive way to implement electronic signatures in your business. No downloads, installations, or special equipment are required. Your signers may sign your documents using any computer, any browser, and any email account.

Sending a document is as simple as uploading a PDF or Word file, entering signers’ names and emails, and clicking send. You can add text fields for signers to complete and set up reusable templates for your frequently-sent documents. RightSignature contacts signers via email, and exclusive navigation tools guide them through filling out and signing your documents with ease. Executed documents are emailed to all parties, and the completed PDF files are stored in your secure RightSignature archive for future reference.

Documents executed on RightSignature fulfill e-signature law requirements and contain a court-admissible audit log and Signature Certificate. With a multi-factor authentication portfolio and biometric signature data, RightSignature documents not only look more professional, they have stronger legal defensibility than traditional paper documents.

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