Cure your paperwork blues: sign documents online the easy way with e-signatures

Sign PDFs, Word documents, and more online with a real, handwritten signature

  • Easy to use, all-in-one solution
  • Replaces printing, scanning, and faxing
  • Start signing documents online for free in no time

No credit card needed

Why sign documents online? It’s just easier.

When you need to sign and return a PDF, what do you do? Many businesses reach for the printer, even though the document is already digital, and you plan on returning the document online too. So why not sign the document online as well? It’s easier than you might think. In fact, it’s even easier than using paper.

Interested in e-signing your PDFs? Here are three quick steps to get you started.

Upload your document with RightSignature

The first step to signing all your documents online is to get started with RightSignature. It takes less than a minute to start your free trial and upload your first document. Then, choose a PDF or Microsoft Word document from your computer that you want to e-sign online. It only takes a second, and you’re already well on your way to finished!

Place the fields you need to fill out and sign

With RightSignature, you can fill out documents with text fields, checkboxes, dates, initials, and more. Just select the type of field you want to add in our easy document builder menu, then click to place it right on your PDF. Add as many fields as you need to, and don’t forget to add a signature box to the area where you are going to e-sign your document!

Sign it and return it, instantly

RightSignature utilizes a cutting edge, easy-to-use e-signing interface that guides you through signing documents online step by step. The result is a simple signing process that helps you add an electronic signature correctly on the first try every time, drastically reducing errors and omissions. Once you’ve filled out and signed your document, just click “submit”, and the document is instantly and automatically sent to your other party, so you don’t have to worry about emails and attachments.

RightSignature is turning heads in the business world as the easiest, fastest way to sign documents online, and word is spreading. And if you need to get PDFs signed as part of your workday, RightSignature is the perfect tool to send documents for your clients to e-sign as well. It’s just as easy for your clients to use as it is for you.