Better, faster, smarter: 3 essential features to sign documents electronically

Everything you need from your document signing app

  • Sign documents electronically on your on mobile device
  • Put your best face forward with custom branding options
  • Find out if your industry requires Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA)

No credit card needed

What’s the best way to sign documents electronically?

Not all e-signatures are created equal. If you’re looking for the right document signing software to help your business grow, it’s important to understand the features on the market and which are the most important to your business. If your organization needs to sign documents electronically, make sure your e-signature solution offers the following features.

Mobile document signing — no download required

The ability to sign documents from anywhere using a mobile device is one of the most inviting reasons to use electronic signatures. Instead of being stuck a desk, you can send your clients important documents to sign anywhere, any time with their smartphone or tablet. Because of this, some e-signature solutions tout their mobile document signing apps, despite the fact that this may not be the best experience for your clients.

Instead of requiring your clients to download a specialized app just to sign your document, choose an e-signature solution that allows them to sign using any web browser instead. By removing an extra barrier, you make it easier for your clients to sign documents electronically, which means your documents are more likely to to be signed in a timely fashion.

Custom branding helps build trust with your clients

Put yourself in your client’s shoes. They may be working with your business for the first time, and completely unfamiliar with your document signing app. The most professional-looking method of getting documents signed electronically is one that looks like it’s coming from your business, and everything you can do to add to your customer’s confidence is important. When choosing an e-signature solution, look for branding options like being able to include your business’s logo and colors on your document signing page, along with a photo of you for better authenticity.

Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) is required in some industries

Do you work in a regulated field such as accounting or finance? Some industries have specific requirements for e-signatures, so make sure you choose a document signing app that puts you in full compliance with any relevant rules. The most common requirement is Knowledge-Based Authentication, or KBA, but not all e-signature tools handle this technology the same. If you’re curious about regulatory requirements in your field, you can call or chat with a friendly RightSignature representative to learn more.