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What's the big picture?

RightSignature is the easiest, fastest way to get documents signed.

How does it work?
  1. Upload
    Upload the document you need signed, or choose a Google Doc. Enter recipients' emails.
  2. Notify
    All parties are notified via email with a link to sign the document.
  3. Sign
    Fill out any required form fields and electronically sign the document using the RightSignature online signature pad.
  4. Complete!
    Once all parties have signed, you have a legally binding agreement.
Where can I experience the magic?

Sign up for a free trial account at

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What's the pain?

The traditional ways to get documents signed are time-consuming, paper-wasting, and expensive.

Most people email documents, forcing their recipients to print, sign, scan, and return by email. Senders often wonder whether the documents were received, while recipients hassle to find a working printer and scanner.

Many companies still send contracts by overnight carrier. The cost to FedEx a contract from New York to San Francisco, return label included, is now $88, and that doesn't include the hour of your time to fill out the shipping label and take the envelope to a drop box.

How does RightSignature make the pain go away?

RightSignature is fast, paperless, and really affordable. Most documents are signed and completed in minutes, not days. Plus, you receive a notification as soon as your recipient views the document ... no more wondering if your contract is in La-La land. Now, getting a document signed can actually be fun.

RightSignature also enables parties to fill out forms and sign. It's easy to set up new customer applications, employment applications, and other frequently-used documents as Reusable Templates. Our exclusive NaviGuide™ flag and RightTrack™ to-do list walk signers through complex forms and encourage completion. RightSignature is compatible with all browsers, requires no downloads or plug-ins, and is Mac and mobile device-friendly.

Is signing online legal?

The U.S. and many countries around the world have passed legislation confirming the validity of electronic signatures. For more legal details, see

Who's using it?

Small and medium businesses, web workers, freelancers, designers, developers, attorneys, contractors, caterers, financial advisors, schools, non-profits, and many more. In addition, some of the world's largest corporations and government agencies use RightSignature. Our raving fans span almost every industry. RightSignature is simple enough for solo professionals and powerful enough for enterprise demands.

How is this different from other services?
  • Unrivaled, elegant, intuitive user experience
  • RightStep™ to-do bar, NaviGuide™ flag, and RightTrack™ document overview tool walk parties through filling out a form and signing
  • Online signature pad captures real handwritten signature with a mouse (competitors use typed name or initials)
  • iPhone app lets you sign using your iPhone touchscreen as a signature pad (yes, it's as cool as it sounds)
  • Optional photo authentication takes signers' identity verification to a new level
  • Full-size document viewer reduces need for scrolling and zooming
  • Google Docs integration makes it a snap to send a Google Doc for signature
  • Powerful API enables integrations with other web applications and internal systems
  • Many other great features on the site and in the works
Who are the competitors?

DocuSign and EchoSign together raised over $200 million in venture capital and educated the market on the validity of e-signatures. Thanks guys!

RightSignature is experiencing rapid adoption in the small and medium business market and among enterprises. Our clean, simple interface and exclusive features are propelling our viral growth.

What's the business model?

RightSignature is a software-as-a-service business, along the lines of Basecamp, GoToMeeting, and FreshBooks. Our value-packed small business plans start at $12/month and include unlimited documents, unlimited storage, reusable templates, and lots of efficiency-boosting additional features.

Who's behind this impressive endeavor?

About Us

What's the funding status of the company?

RightSignature LLC was bootstrapped and privately funded. In October, 2014, RightSignature was acquired by Citrix. Read the announcement.

Who can I interview?

Our CEO Daryl Bernstein is a nice guy and would love to talk with you about RightSignature. Contact Us to schedule a time.

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