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Say hello to a better way to sign PDFs online

PDF documents are the standard for most important business documents online for a variety of reasons. First, PDF files are easy to open using free software on just about any computer or mobile device, no matter what operating system it runs. Second, PDF files are considered “published,” and are difficult to edit once they’ve been created. While that second feature is an advantage for most business documents and contracts, helping both parties ensure that they’re agreeing to the same version of the document, it can make it difficult to get PDF documents filled out and signed.

For years, the most common way to get a signature on a PDF was to email it to your recipient, who would have to print it, sign the paper copy with a pen, and scan or fax it back. All these extra steps slow down what should be a very easy process and make it more likely that an important contract gets lost or forgotten. What the business world needed was a way to get secure online signatures on PDFs, and today, we have it.

RightSignature lets you sign PDFs with a secure, legally binding online signature

Are online signatures legally binding? Yes, when applied according to relevant e-signature laws in effect in the U.S. and around the world. RightSignature allows for legally binding online signatures on your PDFs in accordance with e-signature laws around the world, and your documents are secured by security features like bank-level data security, biometric signature data capture, and tamper-proof document audit logs.

Fast, easy, and mistake-free: sign PDFs the RightSignature way

With one easy process to send, sign, and return PDF documents completely online, RightSignature represents a better way to do business. You simply choose your PDF and select where you want your client to fill out and sign it, then send it over. Your signer can access your RightSignature document on any computer, smartphone, or tablet, and sign online with their mouse or touchscreen.

Online signatures on your PDFs from a global leader in business software

RightSignature is a product of Citrix, a widely respected provider of solutions for business mobility, security, and virtualization. Over 330,000 organizations and 100 million users worldwide trust Citrix products such as XenApp, ShareFile, and many more. If you’re looking for an online signature solution, try RightSignature today.