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Recipient Signatures on iPhone

The ever-popular, free RightSignature iPhone app enables recipients to sign simple documents on the iPhone touchscreen.


Just send your documents like you normally do. When a recipient clicks a RightSignature document link on an iPhone, the app is launched. The recipient views the document, agrees to the content, and signs with a finger on the touchscreen. Photo authentication using the iPhone camera is optional.


Note: Document signing on the iPhone 4 may be completed in Mobile Safari with no app necessary.


Recipient Signatures on iPad

When your recipient clicks a RightSignature email link on an iPad, a full-featured signing page opens in the browser.


The signer enters text in form fields, places checkmarks in checkboxes, initials in critical locations, and then executes the document by signing with a finger on the touchscreen. The experience is so easy and natural, it almost feels like the iPad was designed as the ultimate device for signing RightSignature documents.


  • Collect in-person e-signatures quickly using your tablet or smartphone at events or in the field.
  • Mobile apps allows recipients to sign documents online from their iPhone, Android phone, or tablet anywhere.
  • Each RightSignature plan includes the mobile apps for free.

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