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    In-Person Signatures
    on iPad

    The new RightSignature In-Person E-Signature app empowers you to collect client signatures in the field.

    Simply set up Reusable Templates in your RightSignature account from your desktop or laptop. Then, when you are with a client, select a Template, enter merge field data (if any), and give your iPad to your customer to fill out text fields and sign in person.

    RightSignature In-Person
    E-Signatures on the iPad is the clipboard of the 21st century.

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    Recipient Signatures
    on iPhone

    The ever-popular, free RightSignature iPhone app enables recipients to sign simple documents on the iPhone touchscreen.

    Just send your documents like you normally do. When a recipient clicks a RightSignature document link on an iPhone, the app is launched. The recipient views the document, agrees to the content, and signs with a finger on the touchscreen. Photo authentication using the iPhone camera is optional.

    Note: Document signing on the iPhone 4 may be completed in Mobile Safari with no app necessary.

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    Recipient Signatures
    on iPad

    When your recipient clicks a RightSignature email link on an iPad, a full-featured signing page opens in the browser.

    The signer enters text in form fields, places checkmarks in checkboxes, initials in critical locations, and then executes the document by signing with a finger on the touchscreen. The experience is so easy and natural, it almost feels like the iPad was designed as the ultimate device for signing RightSignature documents.

    To try filling out and signing a RightSignature document on your iPad, request a copy of this sample document, open your email on your iPad, and click the document link.


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