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  • Sales Contracts Close deals in minutes.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements Ensure new employees and vendors protect your confidential information.
  • Credit Card Billing Authorizations Get permission from customers for one-time or recurring credit card charges.
  • New Client Questionnaires Increase engagement and reduce miscommunication.
  • Tax Forms Sign tax forms and electronic filing authorizations online.
  • Customer Testimonial Releases Give customers an easy way to say great things about your business.
  • Rental Agreements Rent equipment or property with online signatures.
  • Service Agreements Increase ongoing revenue with service and maintenance contracts completed online.
  • W-4 Forms Allow employees to specify withholding allowances for payroll.
  • Release of Information Authorization Gain permission to release medical and other personal information to third parties.
  • Client Approvals Get sign-offs from clients before proceeding with a service project.
  • Investor Agreements Allow shareholders to acknowledge risks and obligations.
  • Board Minutes Circulate meeting minutes for board members to sign.
  • Change Orders Get change orders signed to authorize service work.
  • Direct Deposit Authorizations Enable employees to request automatic deposit of payroll checks into their bank accounts.
  • Terms of Service Agreements Require new users to agree to the terms of service before using your product, service, or software.
  • Employee Policies Require new employees to review and sign your employee handbook before starting work.
  • Vendor Agreements Create agreements that all new vendors and service providers must sign before receiving payment.
  • Enrollment Forms Allow participants to enroll in health plans, events, and programs.
  • Job Applications Permit applicants to complete and sign job applications online.
  • Timesheets Have employees and contractors fill out and sign timesheets to submit for payroll and payment processing.
  • W-9 Forms Increase vendor and contractor W-9 compliance by allowing e-signatures.
  • Reseller Agreements Set expectations for retailers with annual contracts.
  • Liability Waivers Mitigate risks by requiring event participants to sign waivers.
  • Letters of Intent Secure initial commitment towards large deals with executed LOI’s.
  • General Partnership Agreements Execute partnership agreements efficiently, even with multiple limited partners in several states.
  • Operating Agreements Keep partners up to date with revisions and addenda.
  • Pricing Estimates Obtain sign-offs on electronic estimates, even capture in-person signatures on the iPad.
  • Internal Requests Streamline IT and support desk workflows with e-signatures.
  • Expense Reports Enable employees to fill out expense reports for reimbursements.
  • Purchase Orders Improve supply chain efficiency by sending signed P.O.'s online.
  • Franchise Agreements Allow entrepreneurs opening franchise outlets to submit all the necessary paperwork online.
  • Intellectual Property Licensing Create intellectual property licensing agreements to be signed electronically.
  • Waivers of Consent Capture individuals' consents for many different purposes.
  • Trademark Applications File trademarks of inventions online.
  • Independent Contractor Agreements Clarify rights and obligations of contractors.
  • Provisional Patent Applications Protect great ideas by filling out and submitting USPTO filings online.
  • Salary Agreements Quickly send salary agreements and revisions to employees.
  • Quality Control Surveys Send signed status reports from any mobile device.
  • Performance Reviews Fill out, submit, and acknowledge employee performance reviews with e-signatures.
  • Severance Agreements Eliminate claims and finalize exits for departing employees.
  • Insertion Orders Confirm advertising placement, specifications, and duration.
  • Credit Applications Collect credit history and financial information from customers.

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