Quickly e-sign PDFs, Word Documents, and more

Sign and return contracts and applications on your computer or smartphone

  • E-Signatures allow you to sign and return any document without paper
  • Legally binding as defined by the E-SIGN Act and other laws worldwide
  • Get to work from anywhere when you e-sign using mobile apps

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How to fill out and e-sign any PDF online quickly and easily

Dealing with paperwork is never as easy as it should be. What do you do when you need to submit an application, or complete a contract from one of your business contacts? Often, the business you’re dealing with sends a blank PDF for you to fill out and return, but then what? Do you print the contract, fill it out by hand, then try to scan it back into your computer? Or do you try to use cumbersome PDF editing tools, without any guarantee that your client will accept the final product? There’s a better way to send and gather signatures — you can e-sign any contract online in no time.

With an e-signature tool like RightSignature, not only can you request e-signatures from other parties, but you can easily fill out, sign, and return a blank PDF sent to you by another party. The benefits are substantial: when you use RightSignature to e-sign your contracts, you can save time, cut down on paper, and keep automatic records of every document you complete. Here are a few examples of why you should consider e-signing your contracts, applications, and other documents.

Faster, easier, and more trusted: the e-sign advantage

Without RightSignature, filling out and signing a PDF can leave you with a difficult choice. If you print the document out, you still need to figure out how you’re going to submit the signed copy back to the other party. With scanners and fax machines falling out of favor, it’s quite possible that your office doesn’t have one.

Meanwhile, RightSignature allows you to draw your handwritten signature directly on the document, not just type your name on the signature line. According to a university study, handwritten-style signatures are perceived to be more trustworthy than documents signed by other means.

Secure, legally binding e-signatures

Countries around the world have adopted e-signature laws that help businesses sign and return documents online quickly and easily without paper. In the U.S., for example, the E-SIGN Act (Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act) specifies that a contract or signature “may not be denied legal effect, validity, or enforceability solely because it is in electronic form.”

In addition, e-signed documents enjoy many advantages in security over e-mail and paper. This includes bank-level encryption, a tamper-proof audit log, and a digital fingerprint of every action each party takes relating to the document. Each document you e-sign with RightSignature is easily accessible in your records in a searchable online filing cabinet.

E-Sign on the go with your smartphone or tablet

If you ever need to work away from your desk, you don’t want to miss an important, time-sensitive contract coming your way. Rather than missing out, step away from your inbox and e-sign using your mobile device instead. It’s the easiest way to keep up to date on your pressing business needs without missing a beat.