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Find out how e-signature software can help you get rid of paperwork and get signatures faster

  • Go straight from your word processor to an easy e-signature
  • Allow your clients to sign and return documents in one easy step
  • Stop relying on outdated tech such as fax machines or scanners

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How e-signatures help you get rid of unnecessary paperwork

How does your business get important documents signed? Often, the process is frustratingly inefficient. You draft your contracts digitally on a word processor or design app, and you communicate with your clients digitally as well, via email. But when it comes time to get those same contracts signed by those same clients, out come the printer, the scanner, and the fax machine.

Any time paper enters the picture, your work day slows down significantly. Whether you use fax or overnight shipping to push your paper around, you’re working more slowly than e-signatures. In fact, if you get your document signed with an e-signature, your contract can reach your client before it would otherwise even be out of the printer.

Keeping it simple for your clients

Just as electronic signatures help you reduce paper and increase the speed of work in your office, they can be equally impactful on your clients. You can’t control what tools or technology are available to the parties you need to sign and return your documents promptly. If you fax or email a blank application or contract to one of your clients and leave the execution to them, you force your client to figure out how to sign and return it on their own. If your client doesn’t have a printer, scanner, or fax machine handy, your chances of getting that important document back in a timely manner go down significantly.

With e-signatures, you remove all the doubt and difficulty. Instead of sending a blank document by fax or email, you can quickly prepare the document with your e-signature already applied and send it directly to their inbox right away. Then, instead of leaving the execution to your client’s tools and timeline, your client simply has to click a link and follow detailed directions to fill out and esign your document securely online. Instead of switching between several complicated tools, your client can finish the whole process in one easy step using any computer or mobile device. Your clients will thank you for the time you save them.

Spend time with your clients, not your fax machine

Let’s face it — nobody really loves their printer, fax machine, or scanner. Technology has never been particularly adept at mediating between the paper and digital worlds. Luckily, as more of the world switches to digital workflows, these older tools are needed less and less often. In fact, getting contracts signed might be one of the final things your business uses a printer, fax machine, or scanner for. This raises a tempting question: could you get rid of those things completely?

What would your office have room for without that bulky beige machine in the corner? How much of your IT staff’s time is taken up trying to troubleshoot these troublesome devices? How much money does your business spend on toner and paper? With digital signatures to help you transition to an all-digital workflow, you may not have a need for any of these problems anymore.

Find out how e-signature software can be the key to an all-digital workflow for your business.

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